Be #1 In Your Market

Control Your Brand & Sales Results

If you're a real estate sales professional who's sick of having the big online real estate portals and lead generation firms control your destiny, at a price THEY choose, and with the rules THEY choose, then it's time to take back control and manage your OWN lead generation, marketing, PR and brand awareness.

Learn How Marketing Pros Get Leads

Be The Best Lead Generator In Your Area

To become a successful real estate sales person, you NEED leads! Prospective home buyers, sellers, investors, etc.

And unless you're fantastic at networking and cold calling, it's extremely difficult for most real estate sales professionals to get enough leads to excel.

In this modern age, your best source of real estate leads (whether you want sellers, buyers, investors or anything else) is online.

In a world where no one can live without their smart phone and where social media is king, it's essential to tap into this ever-growing digital market space. Your instructor (Eran Malloch) will show you how with this self-paced online course.

This course has been built using the exact same syllabus as the full day classroom training that Eran has delivered to almost 400 REIWA members since July 2017.

Using Google AdWords and Facebook Ad campaigns, you will learn how to create, monitor and optimise those campaigns while building your brand and increasing your market awareness. Pick up valuable digital marketing tips and strategies that are used by the experts and finish the course with live ad campaigns designed to generate leads for YOU!


  • 2

    Today’s Real Estate Digital Marketing Options

  • 3

    Facebook Advertising

    • An Introduction to Facebook & Social Media

    • The Perfect Facebook Ad - part 1

    • The Perfect Facebook Ad - part 2

    • Creating Your First Facebook Campaign

    • Facebook Ads Quiz

    • Facebook Ad Set Setup (cont.)

    • Creating Your First Facebook Ads

    • Duplicating Facebook Ads For Testing

    • Facebook Ad Images: What You NEED to Know

    • Facebook Ad Images Quiz

    • Facebook Home Open Campaign

    • Reviewing/Sharing Facebook Ads & Promotional Guidelines

    • Increasing Your Facebook Page Likes With Ads

    • The Facebook Pixel & An Introduction To Audiences

    • Uploading Your Customer Database To Facebook & The Legal Requirements

    • Facebook Guidelines Quiz

    • Facebook Custom Conversions & Retargeting

    • Reporting, Monitoring & Optimising Facebook Campaigns

    • Testing & Improving Facebook Ads & Handling Negative Comments

  • 4

    Google Advertising

    • An Introduction to Google Ads

    • The AdWords Auction By Hal Varian, Chief Economist at Google

    • Google Ads Basics

    • How To Improve Your Results

    • Google AdWords Keyword Research with the Keyword Planner

    • AdWords: Geographic Targeting With Keywords

    • Setting Up Your First AdWords Campaign

    • AdWords First Campaign Quiz

    • Setting Up Your First AdWords Ad Group

    • Setting Up Your First AdWords Ad

    • How To Use The Search Terms Report To Save Money & Increase Success

    • AdWords Keywords Quiz

    • Final Closing Tips To Get The Best From Google Ads

    • Final Closing Tips To Get The Best From Google Ads (cont...)

    • Google Ads Basics Quiz

  • 5

    The Beginning of The End (and the End of the Beginning…)

    • Introduction To Story Telling

    • Story Telling via Local.TV

    • Story Telling Quiz

    • Some Closing Thoughts...

About Your Instructor

Digital Marketing Specialist

Eran Malloch

Hello & welcome.My name is Eran Malloch.I’m a 12 year veteran of Australia's digital marketing industry, having managed Google &/or Facebook ad campaigns for big brands like iiNet, Honda, Collier Homes, RAC, Retravision, United Financial Services, as well as many other small-medium Australian and international businesses. I have worked with 100+ clients, managed $15-$20 Million in ad spend on Google, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo & Linked In, and generated 75,000+ leads & 100s of Millions of dollars in profits for his clients.I’m also on Faculty at Facebook Ads UniversityMy Website:  0412-799-688


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  • Facebook Ads Management

  • Google Ads Management

  • Website Design

  • Copywriting

  • Video Editing

  • Content Marketing



James Baylee

Your social media in real estate course paid off. 12 appraisals for $200!

LJ Hooker

Kasey Summers

By far the most valuable training I have attended since I started in the industry over 10 years ago.

HKY Real Estate

Marcus & Liz Good

We would highly recommend this training to any Real Estate professional looking to improve their digital marketing footprint. Great trainer Highly recommend.